Related Articles Long-term Results of Living Donors in Simultaneous Kidney and Liver Transplantations. Transplant Proc. 2017 Apr;49(3):403-406 Authors: Unek T, Egeli T, Özbilgin M, Çelik A, Atilla K, Ağalar C, Arslan NÇ, Karademir S, Bora S, Gülay H, Derici ZS, Astarcıoğlu I Abstract INTRODUCTION: Because of the shortage of organs available for transplantation, living related sequential transplantation with the use of liver and a kidney from the same donor has emerged as a reasonable therapeutic alternative. However, there is insufficient literature about the complications that living donors experience after simultaneous kidney and liver transplantations. METHODS: From December 2001 to October 2009, 5 living donors provided simultaneous donation of livers and kidneys and 1 living donor donated first her kidney and then her liver. Demographic data of the donors and information concerning the surgery and postoperative observation were collected prospectively. RESULTS: All of the donors were female. The median age was 27.5 (range, 19-36) years. Indications requiring the simultaneous transplantation of livers and kidneys were primary hyperoxaluria type 1 (PH1) in 5 potential recipients and cirrhosis due to chronic hepatitis B infection and idiopathic chronic renal insufficiency in 1 potential recipient. Four recipients underwent right hepatectomy (segments 5-8) and right nephrectomy; 1 recipient underwent left hepatectomy (segments 2-4) and right nephrectomy; and 1 recipient underwent left lobectomy (segments 2-3) and right nephrectomy. There were no complications except in 1 donor (postoperative ileus). No donor developed hypertension or microalbuminuria. CONCLUSIONS: With the right indications, appropriate preoperative evaluation, meticulous surgical technique, proper postoperative care, and long-term close monitoring to minimize morbidity and mortality risks, liver and kidney donation from the same donor can be considered for simultaneous kidney and liver transplantation. PMID: 28340800 [PubMed – in process]

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Long-term Results of Living Donors in Simultaneous Kidney and Liver Transplantations.